Johnny On the Spot



Retro VW Van T-shirt
Surfer Rash Balm 2 fl oz./55 ml
JOS Circle Surfer T-Shirt

Chemical Free • Ocean & Reef Friendly • Child Safe • Hypoallergenic • Bio Degradable


At the Rincon Classic 2016, then 11-year-old surfer and inventor John Oakes Mueller managed to talk his way into the announcers’ booth where he was fondly dubbed “Johnny on the Spot” for his dedication to running scores and handing out prizes. Around this time, more ideas were running through John’s mind. Fed up with the painful rashes his wetsuit was causing him while surfing, John started formulating and testing combinations of natural ingredients as a protective and soothing balm to end the rash problem and give him more time in the surf!  Johnny on the Spot Surfer Rash Balm TM was launched and enthusiastically received at the Rincon Classic 2017. Since then, JOS has been preventing and soothing ALL Sports Rashes wherever sold in surf stores throughout California and Hawaii!

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