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TRAV LEE - June 2019

The same, down to earth, devoted dad to two groms, SB native surfer and former Channel Islands board shaper who shaped Kelly Slater’s boards is now running Slater Designs. How LUCKY was I to meet TRAVIS LEE?! Thank you, James Vacarro, for giving JOS to Travis to try and also Thank you friend & neighbor, Noelle Newton, for the introduction! Travis said JOS saved his family vacation when his lil’ surfer & baseball son got a wicked rash Down Under (meaning the continent this time) and flat out refused to go back in the water! (I knew the feeling, Lil’ Grom, which is why I invented JOS!) Trav remembered he had JOS and gave it a try. JOS worked so well that Lil’ Grom was soon back in the surf. VACATION SAVED! I love this story because 1) I got to meet Travis Lee 2) JOS got his son back in the surf and 3) Travis introduced me to WSL with this outstanding testimonial! GARGANTUAN GRATITUDE, Travis Lee! TREMENDOUS THANKS also for the Kelly Slater signed Outerwear hat and showing me your surfboards. NO MORE RASHES!

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