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WSL FreshwaterPRO Presented by Outerknown - Sept 2019

LEGEND. HERO. CLASS ACT @kellyslater! JOS at The FreshwaterPRO at G.O.A.T. Kelly Slater’s SURF RANCH —AWESOME! I feel SO lucky to be a part of this very unique event - the Perfect Wave, World Class athletes and a location that's got happy, healthy living and sustainable vibes! THANK YOU @wsl ALESSANDRA CECCONI and @outerknown TRAV LEE! THANK YOU PRI SHUMATE for your unbridled (Ranch pun intended) enthusiasm for JOS, tour of the Surf House and amazing introductions to Surf Wave Co. Max, WSL Media Chloe, Amy, Andrew, Joe, Sean and Brian. The surf industry seems to be made up of only smart, professional and really nice people like you all. Thank you ALL for your support of JOS! CONGRATULATIONS to other Class Act, SB’s own @lakeypeterson, on FIRST PLACE Women’s Pro!

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